We take Responsibility

At LUXKIDS, we constantly work to find better ways of offering children amazing, high-quality products
for all the important and ordinary moments of their lives. We seek to do this while minimising our
impact on the environment and improving the conditions for the people involved in bringing
our design ideas into children’s lives.

Read more about how we take responsibility in our first Sustainability Report, which also
includes our sustainability strategy for the next 5 years. 


CSR Report 2022



LUXKIDS ApS is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) with license number CU842535


We are proud that LUXKIDS ApS, including our brands,
are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard
(GOTS), which is a respected international
certification standard for organic textiles.

LUXKIDS' GOTS license number is: CU842535

This certification certifies and tracks organically grown
cotton from the source to the final product.

In addition, all the production facilities involved
in making our GOTS-certified products have fulfilled
strict social, environmental, and chemical requirements.

Only products carring the GOTS label
and claim are certified.

See our GOTS-certified products
LUXKIDS ApS is certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard) with license number CU842535


We are also proud that LUXKIDS ApS, including
our brands, are certified to the Global Recycled
Standard (GRS), certified by CU842535.

Products certified to the Global Recycled Standard
contain recycled material that has been independently
verified at each stage of the supply chain,
from the recycler to the final product.

In addition, facilities from the recycler to the
final supplier have met social, environmental,
and chemical restrictions.

We will introduce our first GRS-certified products in 2014.
Only products carring the GRS label
and claim are certified.


Long-lasting quality designs

Kids’ garments and interiors are what we do best,
and we continue to raise our standards to do better.
We design products of high quality to be used again
and again. The key is dependable and refined styles
with perfected fittings and reliable materials.
When outgrown, the garments and items are ready to
be passed on and re-loved.

Carefully selected materials

To us, the best material is durable and is produced in
a way that considers people, animals, and the planet.
We prefer materials such as recycled synthetic fibres,
organic cotton, corn-fibre filling, mulesing-free wool etc.
Our products pass rigorous chemical restrictions, and
several of them hold renowned international
certifications from GOTS, GRS or OEKO-TEX®.

Decent and fair supply chain

We have built close relationships
with our suppliers to safeguard and
improve the welfare of everyone
involved in our supply chain.
As a member of amfori BSCI, independent
experts help us to examine the working
conditions and improve the social
performance in our supply chains.
We require transparency, respect
for human rights, and decent
labour standards.

Extending a helping hand

We are privileged, and we know
that not all are equally fortunate.
Especially children who struggle
with difficult circumstances deserve
our helping hand. Each year we
support and donate to initiatives
that make a difference to vulnerable families
and children locally and abroad. In 2022,
we established a long-term support programme
for a school in India associated with
one of our main suppliers.

Positive empowerment

Growing up is a journey full of learning
and milestones, and most importantly
it should be fun! All kids are cool, and we
want to inspire them to be strong, comfortable
and believe in themselves. We want children
to get close to nature and the seasons.
Through unconstrained play, they develop
a love and respect for our beautiful planet.